• Jeff is a Brooklyn based illustrator and theater designer.

    With a background in the dramatic Jeff’s illustrations are darkly humorous; characterized by a skewed perspective, bold colors, and a quirky edge. His works are collaged of traditionally drawn and painted elements, incorporating cut paper relief and full sculpture— techniques carried over from his background in puppetry and as a scale model builder.

    Illustration clients include Chance Magazine, Broadway Impact, Metro Spirit, Other Voices USA, Read It Loud, Haus and Home LA, and Satchel Boutique. His illustrations have been incorporated into the animated short film “The Collector’s Gift”, and into numerous production designs for live events. His theater design work can be seen in Broadway shows, operas, ballets, and tours, and has also been published in text books, as well as “The New York Times Magazine”, “Vogue Living”, and “Lighting and Sound America”. Jeff has taught drawing, design, and model building for statewide conventions such as the Texas State Thespian Festival.

    “When pressed through the mind of Jeff Hinchee, theater, character, imagination and concept take flight in his fascinating and ebullient tableaus.” —Chance Magazine